The Belonging Barometer is a landmark report that measures the extent to which people feel a sense of Belonging within their local and national communities.

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of young women (18-24) report being happy with their lives

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of young men (18-24) report being happy with their lives

As the largest-ever piece of research on belonging, carried out by Opinium, polling over 10,000 people across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Belonging Barometer is a collation of the public’s perceptions of isolation, loneliness and how they find connection and community.

One in ten older people reported having no close friends, compared with 4% of people aged 18-24

This ground-breaking study shows that older people and the young face different—but equally troubling—problems:

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40% of women aged 18-24 report feeling unsafe walking alone at night

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Renters are more likely to feel lonely than the general population (40% vs. 29%)

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2 in 5 people with a disability reported feeling lonely

The research aims to examine social isolation and people’s sense of belonging in modern Britain. The Belonging Forum also aims to use this landmark research to provide the basis for a Charter for Belonging which will outline simple, proven initiatives communities can implement to address social isolation and build belonging in key groups, including students, younger women, renters, older people and people with disabilities.

Share your views on what effective policies to include in a Charter for Belonging that will address the pressing problems identified by the research.

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