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How do we tackle an epidemic of loneliness and foster a sense of belonging?

Kim Samuel shares her thoughts on how to tackle the crisis of social isolation and build belonging.

The New Psychology of Belonging

Kim Samuel explores how belonging isn’t just a need, as Abraham Maslow posited, but a right. She looks to an essential lesson that she received from Nelson Mandela as well as insights from diverse teachers featured in her book On Belonging: Finding Connection in an Age of Isolation.

Students learn better on caring campuses – here’s how to create one

Kim Samuel writes about how universities can take proactive steps to create more caring classrooms and foster belonging on campuses.

To heal the health system, we must care for caregivers

Kim Samuel lays out three tangible steps policymakers can take to support caregivers in the United Kingdom.

Feeling lonely is a cruel consequence of our fragmented world, but we can make a start to combat it

Kim Samuel explains three ways that we can combat loneliness and isolation in a fragmented world.

A Group of Grandmothers in Zimbabwe is Helping the World Reimagine Mental Health Care

This article by Kim Samuel in the Boston Globe explores the impact of the Friendship Bench, an organisation founded by psychiatrist Dixon Chibanda, dedicated to bridging the mental health treatment gap in Zimbabwe.

The Big Idea: We need to make work more welcoming

Kim Samuel writes about isolation as one of the biggest liabilities to business and how workplaces need to help build belonging for employees.

Nonprofit Leadership Lessons From Dr. Paul Farmer

On the hermeneutic of generosity, the iron cage of rationality, and accompaniment.

Loneliness is feeding authoritarianism. To defend democracy and decency, we must build belonging.